Healthcare Economy


To provide a widely practical learning resource guide and to give a basic set of information to specifically assist and support healthcare managers, professionals, and administrative staff, who are involved in economic or financial issues of healthcare organizations, to acquire the appropriate educational knowledge and enhance their managerial ability and skills that will enable them to independently think and act the role model in effort of continual improvement of quality, effectiveness, efficiency and overall performance of all healthcare services.


  • To learn about principles, approaches and activities linked with HCO economy;
  • To train course participants with aim to increase their competence in the field of financial management at HCO;
  • To give an overall picture to set of various financial indicators and measures which would be suitable for HCO management systems;
  • To offer valuable set of information which could be guidance in the field of financial management in small as well as large health care institutions.


Any registered participant will be informed about registration with data for access by e-mail during one week after her/his registration.

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