Healthcare Organization Change Management


To provide managers, doctors, researchers and other healthcare personnel the possibility to obtain certified knowledge in the area of change management.


  • Provide an introduction to the main theories, definition and concepts of change management in order to help readers find their way around the literature and consider the evidence available about different approaches to the complex process of change;
  • Discuss the context in which these approaches and concepts were developed, and the uses to which they may be put in the process of managing change;
  • Discuss the forces and the dynamic environment in which healthcare organizations operate in and the peculiarities of this sector;
  • Discuss the importance of change management in implementing changes in healthcare organizations;
  • Illustrate and discuss some of the main reasons and causes of change initiatives and implementation failures;
  • Provide a detailed illustration of various popular and useful models, frameworks, and tools utilized in a change management process and discuss their importance;
  • Propose a general model for managing technology oriented changes in healthcare organizations, which can be combined with the previous models illustrated in order to assist managers with the complicated on-going phase of change in healthcare organizations.


Any registered participant will be informed about registration with data for access by e-mail during one week after her/his registration.

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