Course: Management of a Healthcare Organization

The mission of the eLearning course is to offer managers, doctors, researchers and other healthcare personnel the possibility to obtain certified knowledge in Quality Management, Change Management, Performance Management and Human Resource Management.

The objectives of the eLearning course is to develop the abilities, skills and expertise of the participant so that they gain:

  • professionalism, as the faculty of dealing with various tasks and problems of a healthcare organization using modern managerial tools and methods,
  • flexibility, meaning the ability to manage successfully restructuralizion and change of identity in a healthcare organization,
  • ethical integrity, meaning the ability to tackle tasks and problems of a healthcare organization in a way which respects the dignity of the patients/clients and personnel, in a way which ensures that the organization is viewed positively by the public and in a way which guarantees excellent economic results.

Each course module has its own national certificate issued by the responsible university.

Organization of study
Teaching is conducted via the Internet. Applicants have access to course syllabi, a time table, instructions for study, a textbook, teaching cards, lectures and an evaluation form. Any issues which are unclear can be consulted with the lector by electronic mail.

How to apply?
The pilot course is provided free of charge for selected participants who have cooperated in development of the course. Interested parties must register separately for each module which they wish to complete. Registration forms and dates of tuition are given on the pages of the separate modules.

Those interested in the continuation of the course (September 2005) can apply by e-mail:

Slovakia: kristina.zgodavova(at)
Czech Republic: jaroslav.nenadal(at), bourek(at)
Greece: mavla(at), P.Raidis(at)
Finland: paivi.haapalainen(at), tke(at)


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