To meet this growing need by providing an overview and an understanding of the state of the art in the area of health information systems, their current and future capabilities, as well as their limitations, and the way in which such developments fit within the healthcare working environment. For this purpose, this course is directed primarily to healthcare professionals who are willing to lead the transformation of health care by using information systems and evidence-based knowledge to advance the quality of patient care.


  • To teach healthcare professionals and students the fundamental theoretical and practical concepts of health information systems – the systematic application of information technology and management methods in the processing of data, information, and knowledge to support decision making and evidence based practice in medicine and healthcare.
  • To provide insights and answers through the availability of an electronic text book, glossary, hypertext links, references, power point presentations, case studies and problem based learning methods, in the following main questions:
    • Why is information and ICT management a central issue in clinical practice and research?
    • What are the primary information requirements of healthcare organizations?
    • What are the clinical, financial, and administrative functions provided by a healthcare information system and what are the potential benefits of integrating such systems?
    • What are the major challenges to implementing and managing health information systems in the healthcare sector?


Any registered participant will be informed about registration with data for access by e-mail during one week after her/his registration.

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