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The Virtual HCQC e-Learning service provides clients with flexible and individual access to multimedia and didactically prepared learning material via Internet, whereby participants are looked after on-line by qualified tutors. The VHCQC team will help healthcare managers and professionals to develop the foundation for lifelong practice based learning and improvement.


The objective of the distance e-Learning course is to develop the abilities, skills and expertise of the participant so that they gain:


e-Learning communication technology used

Moodle© (http://moodle.org)
Skype© (www.skype.com)

How to recruit knowledge through e-Learning?

The process of study

  1. Familiarize yourself with objectives of the lecture.
  2. Read the relevant chapter in the e-Textbook.
  3. Use learning cards to easier memorize and utilize basic terms used in the course of study and in practical situations.
  4. Look at the Power Point presentation and if it is available, also at the video recording of the lecturer, which should enable you to understand the content of the lecture more easily.
  5. Acquaint yourself with the summary of knowledge given as a way of revising the most important material.
  6. Study the relevant tools, methods and case studies that are available on our web portal.
  7. Try to solve the Internet exercises.
  8. Make a note of any questions or uncertainties related to the lesson in a separate file in which you also do the Internet exercises.
  9. Check your grasp of the material by answering the questions for self-evaluation.
  10. The Internet exercises and tasks are deliberately orientated towards your specific working tasks related to the management of healthcare institutions. Send your answers of the exercises and tasks (along with your questions) to the tutor before the given deadline.
  11. Apply to take an electronic test or submit a project that was assigned to you at the beginning of the course.


To gain a VHCQC certificate for the module you must have at minimum 70% of points from the Internet exercises and 70% of points from the tests or project.

With the knowledge attained you can apply for the European Organization for Quality (EOQ) Quality Manager or Quality Professional certificate.

Organization of study

Teaching is conducted via the Internet. Applicants have access to course syllabi, a timetable, instructions for study, textbook, teaching cards, lectures and an evaluation form. Any issues that are unclear can be consulted with the tutor by electronic mail.

How to apply

For selected participants who have cooperated in the development of the course the pilot course is provided free of charge. Interested parties must register separately for each module they wish to complete. Registration forms and dates of tuition are given on the pages of individual modules.

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