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VHCQC e-Improvement service allows clients to gain knowledge, skills and abilities to design and implement new, integrated healthcare management systems.


The objective of the e-Implementation is to provide VHCQC clients with:

  1. Instructions for designing and implementing an integrated management system in a healthcare organization
  2. Quality manual template for quality management system specification for:

 How to implement Integrated Management System

  1. Formulate the mission, vision and the values that a healthcare organization aims to follow.
  2. Collect and implement into the healthcare organization information system all necessary external legislative, medical and technical documentation.
  3. Collect and implement in the information system all necessary healthcare organization medical directives.
  4. Clarify and accept the integrated management system conception with respect to its centralization, decentralization and the circumstances related to its certification.
  5. Designate processes and sub-processes in accordance with standards so that they contain all that is required by the healthcare organization program declaration and standards.
  6. Specify inputs, outputs and process records as well as the place and way of record keeping and storage.
  7. Determine the owners, operators, obligatory and optional internal and external process suppliers and customers, inputs and outputs.
  8. Appoint process managers and management personnel responsible for the integrated management system.
  9. Itegrated management system documentation can be made in a paper, electronic or even a combined form.

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